Flowing Freeride Project

We’re Stoked!
Flowing Freeride—Professional Online Snowsport Coaching Now In Development Winter 2012–2013.

Flowing Freeride, LLC is launching a new website for snowboarders and other snowsports. The website will look to develop into a hub packed with informational content, tips and lessons for those new to snowboarding as well as veteran riders.

The new online business is a collaboration with lessons headed by an emerging filmmaker and AASI Level 3 certified instructor who has taught snowboarding for 13 years at numerous resorts in USA & a season in Australia. With this in mind, Flowing Freeride expects the newly developed website to stand out for it’s professional information, quality graphics and pro film-making. The website will feature skilled tutorials, blog articles, equipment and resort reviews appealing to riders all over the world.

For those looking to practice what they’ve learned in resort lessons, or those who are unable to access in-person lessons, a Professional Snowboard Video Lesson Series will be available for purchase on DVD or download.

After becoming established, Flowing Freeride plans to provide the site in other languages and develop info on other snowsports in addition to snowboarding. They hope to allow as many people as possible access to great snowsport training.