Content Marketing Guru

Never Say “No”

Translation: “Technology is ever-changing…
But I can handle that.”


Robert Lasater is a Content Marketing Guru—managing interactive marketing, search engine optimization (SEO/SEM/PPC) and web programming fulfillment.


Robert’s role as a technical authority emerged organically—after years interfacing with
programmers, building websites on-the-fly and collaborating on interactive projects with the intermountain’s leading technology companies. Robert brings many abilities to Mod-Creative Services—especially his immense knowledge of how the web works and content strategies. Robert’s research and experience in interactive marketing provides him with a razor-sharp understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and website analytics. This knowledge has been a valuable benefit to companies he has worked with to get found first on major search engines. As an expert problem solver Robert is accustom to wearing whatever hat best suits the need—finding custom solutions as needed.

Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Robert came to Utah to study music on scholarship. He has a background in entrepreneurship and later followed a career path in marketing. Robert works in marketing management for a non-profit in the venture capital industry. He brings with him advisers and partnerships from relationships built in the technology and
investment industry. Robert has formal education in marketing, communication and music composition from the University of Utah and Utah State University.